On March 11,2020 when the pandemic started, I stated, “This is a biological war and there will be three viruses back to back.  The first one exposed the weakness of the United States healthcare system and the next two will start to destroy the country and kill people.”

I realized how bad it was when the local hospital went to Home Depot for PPE and the store said no because it’s for our customers.  Then you saw face masks on e-bay for $50.00.

During the past year I have been on a Covid testing team at Encore Wellness where we tested over 8,000 people, treated over 500 people, and administered virus immunity IV therapy to hundreds of people that were days from needing hospital treatment. The hospital doesn’t follow the FLCCC protocols that suggests IV Vitamin C for the standard of care or the suggested nutrient infusions for a better outcome. (see Ref 4).  The medical doctors in my circle call this a nutritional pandemic.  If you are low on NAC, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, probiotics, and magnesium then you may have life-long complications or die.

In my opinion it is time to wake up and focus on building immunity.  Don’t say, “I am Vaxxed.  That only tells me that you have a better chance of walking out of the hospital and that you’ve taken a vaccine that is under question by many.  I hope that you will say, ”I got the jab, but I am aware that I am nutrient deficient, mineral deficient, probiotic deficient, diabetic, hypertensive, eat like crap and will get the virus again to possibly pass it to a friend or family member. “  A doctor told me that Covid is like a handful of grenades and when you throw them out… you don’t know which one will blow up. Being on the frontline with clinics and working as a paramedic requires a daily supplement intake and my teams rely on a simple quick solution by Metagenics.

The Immune Defense Pack is recommended by knowledgeable Covid+- medical providers because they know how to help patients build natural immunity.  NAC is at the core of these supplements because it makes glutathione in the body.  You can find it in protein shakes and other supplement products.  Low glutathione is the reason for bad outcomes. (See Ref.  4)

Our team has tested over 8,000 patients and performed essential nutrient blood draws on thousands of patients to detect nutritional deficiency.  We have also administered hundreds of virus immunity boosting IV treatments with NAC to help break the cytokine storm developed by Covid infection.   Each lab test is reviewed and compared to others with similar symptoms. Who took NAC and vitamin D  supplements prior to being sick?  Look at their condition!

Look at the many ingredients in particular N-acetylcysteine (NAC) that have been used in clinical practice to treat critically ill septic patients, and more recently for COVID-19 patients. NAC has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating characteristics that may prove beneficial in the treatment and prevention of SARS-Cov-2.  See Ref. 1

Studies show that NAC can help reverse the cytokine storm a possibly prevent patients from ARDS, viral pneumonia, and ventilators. In other word people with mild or moderate Covid-19 symptoms can utilize NAC to curb the progression of severe disease.  See Ref. 2 and 3.

NAC has come under attack from the FDA.  During the pandemic there hasn’t been mention of building natural immunity—only vaccination mandates.  It would be simple to say go get your vitamin D checked.  Why do most doctors tell you to be in the normal range of 50 ng/mL when it’s best to be in the optimal range of 80 ng/mL.   Most doctors don’t know about vitamin D benefits so how could they talk about NAC?

In 1963, NAC was brought into the United States marketplace as a medication and it slowly made it’s way into the mainstream supplement market.  NAC makes glutathione in the body and is readily available; however, many stores have recently stopped carrying it due to thread letters from the FDA.  Why is this a recent threat in the pandemic? (see Ref. 6)

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