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Cell Function

  • A 15-20 minute web-based, well-validated set of five cognitive challenges done on a computer or touchscreen device.
  • The test measures 4 main domains of brain function: memory, processing speed, flexibility, attention, and overall executive function.
  • The test requires no special software and only an internet connection.

The BrainSpanĀ® Assessment is a revolutionary, FDA cleared test that will help you optimize your brain function and increase your overall resilience.

This is accomplished by measuring, tracking, and improving specific fatty acid and cognitive function metrics. These actionable metrics indicate the health of cells within the brain and throughout the body.

  • A brief stick of a finger and then blot a few drops of blood on specially treated filter paper.
  • Specific fatty acids such as the Omega-3 Index, the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio and 25 others provide vital information on dietary health.
  • Specific fatty acids play a major role in cell membrane health…and thus the function and resilience of specific organs such as the brain.