Your gut is the second brain to your body. It’s not what you eat, and it’s what you absorb! Your microbiome is the key to your immunity, and it’s challenging to keep it right without supplementation. Our food source chain is weak in vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, so that’s what makes KOMBUCHA a great supplement!

To learn more about gut health, you can attend a free group visit where Advanced Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Keith Armstrong shares simple ways to adjust your diet. The Encore team travels the Northwest to bring you the tastiest Kombucha teas available. Each brewery has a specific batch and flavor formulation with herbs.

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  • Humm Kombucha- Bend, Oregon

  • Caboost – Bend, Oregon

  • One Breath- Hood River

  • Soma- Portland, Oregon

  • Ablis CBD Beverages- Bend, Oregon

  • Huney Jun- Leavenworth, Washington

  • Bare Culture Kombucha- Idaho

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